1987’s Action Game of the Year is a Retro Classic

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Fly low and strike deep

Gunship offers a gritty state of the art (for the era) helicopter combat operations experience that caters to both action and sim fans alike. Gunship can be played in either QuickFire or Simulation Mode. In QuickFire Mode you’re taken straight into fast and furious action. You’ll have to master controlling a powerful combat helicopter as you struggle to defeat vicious enemies. Destruction is the name of the game as you progress up the rankings by destroying important targets in the air and on the ground.

In the Simulation Mode, you develop your flying skills on training missions and progress onto more difficult missions and campaigns where you will control up to five classic combat helicopters. You’ll then move on to selecting your squadron and piloting your helicopter in the exciting campaigns ahead.

Gunship offers 11 levels of rip roaring action spread over two continents, providing non-stop heart pounding fun!

Gunship Features:

  • Rolling terrain for intense low altitude action: take cover behind trees, hills and ridges
  • Mobilize in two hard-hitting modes: Instant-Action Target-Rich onslaught or Realistic World
  • Selectable play modes for the pure Sim fanatics and Action addicts


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